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Week Three: First of Two Reflections: Creating a space in time

For: The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, St. Stephen’s University, Essentials Blue Online Worship Thelogy Course with Dan Wilt

I very much appreciate the Lord’s concern for me, and the timing of His reaching out to rescue me when I need it. He keeps those appointments with me that He set up before time began, and always has just the right piece of the puzzle to bring to the table.I have been in a reaction mode with my worship team for about six to eight months, and have felt totally off balance with how things are going. It has seemed earthly to me, when it is supposed to be heavenly. This blog entry is like a “true confessions” session, but I wonder how many other worship leaders are out there who have been here: probably, a few.

In taking this Essentials Blue Online Worship Theology course with The Institute Of Contemporary And Emerging Worship Studies, I have discovered the path back to doing what I am called to do, and that is to lead worship. Understanding the concept of creating a space, rather than leading songs or leading people or even leading people “to the throneroom” has really helped me. Stepping aside to take another look is refreshing.

Our team has gone through a time of negative growth. Now, we have some new musicians on the team: some well-seasoned and some not so seasoned. I find that I’ve not allowed myself to change at the same pace the makeup of our team has changed. Before I knew it, the team leadership deflated like poking the yolk of a freshly cracked egg in a frying pan: yellow goo everywhere, and no stopping it unless you flip it over and fry it hard.

Being in reaction mode has set me back. I need to ask the Lord to help me develop a more proactive pattern of living. Simply put, it has been prideful of me to think that I’m the only thinker on the team. That’s where I got into trouble. On a more deeply-rooted note: I know myself pretty well, and I know what works for me. I do not process best “off the cuff”, but prefer a chance to retreat and think things through. The recent challenge has been a rub between this part of my makeup against the effervesence of new teammates. After so many years of being the only leader, (though praying for more to be sent to us), I failed to see God’s answser to my prayer. Even meditation, and simply thinking through scenarios beforehand has helped me immensely with better management and better leadership.

Something that Dan Wilt spoke of in his week three lecture really served to energize me and provide perspective. He remarked that what we do in leading worship is to create a space in time for people to encounter God, to reflect, to worship Him. (He also spoke about corporate worship in week two, which I will retro-blog on after this.) Creating space takes the focus off of us, and what we do, and puts it properly on God, and on serving Him. We serve him by opening the door for His people to find Him: by creating that space. That proactive perspective helps me not only to lead, but to lead in the right direction, and to encourage others on the team to co-lead. Amen.


July 18, 2008 - Posted by | ICEWS eb 2008

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