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“Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense” by N.T.Wright

Hello! I’m reading this book! Yesterday, I found that several Barnes and Noble stores in my 25 mile radius had the book on the shelf! Cool! So, I went to the one with the most cushy chairs to make my purhcase. Turned out to be right near my home. Ahhhh. So, I sat in the cushy chair, read the front cover, the back cover, the two inserts, and the table of contents. Next, I read the introduction; and, that’s when I found out what type of person I am. (smile). Only those who read the introduction will understand. May I say, though, if you do not generally read the introduction, give a go at the first full paragraph on page “intro xi”. I found it to echo within, for sure. 🙂


June 19, 2008 Posted by | Book Reading, ICEWS eb 2008 | 2 Comments